The Truth about Fear

Fear is an emotion and an emotion is energy in motion. When fear strikes, it starts as a frozen/stuck/immobilizing energy that your body experiences as "do something or death is certain". Then, as the fear energy moves, you find yourself running away or fighting for your life. This means that all of your cells are constricting and tightening. While all this is happening, your brain begins to intervene.

The brain needs to make sense of what the body is experiencing. The brain will pull through past experiences and interpret the fear based energy as a feeling. They are anger, hopelessness, powerlessness, grief, sadness, jealousy, frustration, and so on. But your brain won’t stop there. It will reincarnate and rehash the statements, experiences and belief systems you have picked up along the way: “What’s the matter with you!” “Get it together or you’re gonna FAIL!” “You’re so stupid!” “You better take control of the situation!”

The above is our experience. However, the truth about fear is that it is something we are taught. If we can remove traumas, negative experiences and imposed fear based on belief systems from the womb on, we would experience nothing but joy, inner peace and the emotion of Love. I know that’s a bit idealistic (smile).

This does bring me to a point…which is that we can take away the power fear holds by understanding truth. The truth is that fear is an energetic experience within my body. All of the hurtful words we say to ourselves as a result of an old experience or what someone has said to you along the way, is nothing more than an old story, a lie or are you ready for this one….someone else’s baggage! The brain’s interpretation (feelings) create suffering and hook us deeper into the fear. This is where we lose the present moment and obsess about the future; it’s not truth. The illusion and lie that fear creates, will announce thoughts like, “I am not safe, I’m not enough, I’m going to fail, I’m gonna die and so on”.

I believe one of the most important truths is that in order to know love, I must experience its polar opposite…fear. Without it, we could not know what we were experiencing. So the next time fear strikes –

  1. Embrace the experience!
  2. Tell the thoughts and feelings, this is not truth!
  3. Feel the fear in your body!
  4. Breathe slowly and deeply filling every cell in your body with light and oxygen.
  5. Observe it as it dissipates and releases!
  6. Show your gratitude and revel your new found emotional freedom!
  7. Practice this with repetition and dogma!

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