Helene Timpone, LCSW, is an internationally recognized Therapist, Speaker, and Coach specializing in the Great Behavior Breakdown and defiant teen or tween behavior.

What my Families have said about me and my programs!!

Dearest Helene,
Words will never adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for the gifts you've given us. We were spiraling downward as a family, with more pain than we knew how to deal with. We were terrified of what the future might hold and traumatized by the present. We began living in a constant state of stress, each family member ricocheting off the other (not exactly what we had in mind when we openly adopted each of our beautiful newborn babies.) Today, with your help, we are learning to smile again, be at peace with one another and truly enjoy each other. We are learning to understand our own buried pain and have started healing from the inside out. We have more work to do, but now have a renewed hope for the future. We will be eternally grateful for your compassion for our family, deep commitment to your work, and loving acceptance of us as individuals. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- The Kinzingers (Adoptive parents of 3)

Eight months ago my family was in crisis. My 8 year old daughter was defiant, aggressive, and refusing to go to school. I was overwhelmed, hopeless, and unsure how I would make it through another day. Helene Timpone transformed my life. Through phone coaching and in-home intensives, she set my family on a path of relationship that I no longer believed was possible. Within a few weeks, the stress level in my home significantly dropped. My daughter’s behaviors were no longer constant daily issues. She still has episodes of aggression and defiance, but I can now see that she is actually communicating feelings of fear and stress. I can now (usually!) respond in ways that promote attachment and healing. In addition, with Helene’s assistance, she returned to school with accommodations that have made all the difference. My family continues to have challenges, but one of Helene’s mantras has become my own: “Everything will be ok!”.

-G. White (Adoptive mom of 1)


Your program gives hope to many people who cannot seem to overcome their inner conflicts. This has been enlightening for me because I witnessed my daughter for the first time in many years has received a method of healing that has relaxed her and helped her to overcome the stress and hopelessness she was feeling. This is sort of a miracle to me that a few days with the proper guidance from you, Helene she is on the road to recovery and I know you will guide her to full recovery! Thank you so very much!

– J Plesic (Father of a 49year old daughter)

Helene is awesome! My husband and I have worked with Helene for about nine months. In that time, our relationships with each other and with our two adopted daughters have changed dramatically for the better. Helene has a remarkable and gifted way of sensing exactly the issues that need work and where they reside in a person's body. Her sensitive and intuitive nature, coupled with her incredible sense of humor, has cracked our family’s emotional shell wide open. Fears and resentments have given way to much more emotionally honest, loving and supportive relationships. We have a way of seeing now that empowers our growth and the transformation of all of our relationships. Thanks for being there for us, Helene!

-The Martins (Adoptive parents of 2 Daughters)

After spending 5 years in a Chinese orphanage, my daughter came to us full of fears, traumas and anger. She bottled up all her feelings inside and, quite frankly, life with her was not easy. I was afraid that she would have grown up and turned to drugs, cutting or worse. Then Helene spent a weekend with us, and was able, in an amazing short time, to get to my daughters' heart. She brought to the surface what my little one was hiding - all her fears, shame and pains. She did the same for my oldest daughter, a preteen, and gave us a fresh start. My girls love her now, and often ask me when we can get together again. Helene is not only great at working with difficult or traumatized girls, but she also possesses an amazing gift of introspection.

-Silvia Kramar (Adoptive Mom of 2 Daughters)

“Helene has helped our family learn how to address our adoptive children's trauma and accompanying behaviors. Helene truly cares about our family and offers her services in many venues. Thank you, Helene, for helping our family heal! We love you!”

–K Jossie (Mother of 12)

“Helene has worked with our family for almost 2 years. She is a very knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate and supportive therapist and is willing to go the extra mile to bring healing to the families she works with. We look forward to working with this most talented therapist for as long as our family needs her expertise.”

–B Taylor (Adoptive mother of 1)

"Helene Timpone is so much more than a therapist, speaker, author or any other title that may apply to her skills and knowledge. She has and continues to lead me through my own fears and has allowed me to change the paradigm of parenting, and living for that matter, handed down to me by generations. I thought I was coming to her to find out what I can do for my child but have ended up on a journey of self-awareness and healing that allows the room for both of us to thrive. My vision of the parent/child relationship has been turned upside down and finally, finally, finally feels right. Life is so much easier now in so many ways. Thank you Helene!"

-Cindy Zeis, New York


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