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2 New Tele-support Groups

For Parents and/or your teens/young adults

For Parents

I do ask that you only sign up for this if you are going to make a serious commitment and clear your schedule for the calls. I will only allow so many parents in the this group and creating an environment where everyone will allow for those who are in the group to get the maximum benefit.

"I thought I was coming to Helene to find out what I can do for my child but have ended up on a journey of self-awareness and healing that allows the room for both of us to thrive.  My vision of the parent/child relationship has been turned upside down and finally, finally, finally feels right.  Life is so much easier now in so many ways.  Thank you Helene!"  -Cindy  Zeis, New York

Here parents will come together to Learn/Master information, obtain/define skills, and recieve support/motivation.

  • Starts January 8, 2013
  • Calls are every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 9pm EST, they will run approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Each call will include topic with instruction.
  • Open Q&A on the topic discussed OR any other issue you would like to discuss.
  • Where appropriate, you will receive coordinating handouts.
  • Calls will be recorded and sent to you to listen to at a later date.
  • If your child is in the Teen/young adult call, issues will be disclosed here with anonimity, of course.
  • Specific topics that are sent in will be put on the agenda to discuss on future calls

  ***Parent Calls = $9.99 per month***

We ask that you plan for a minimum of 1 year


For Teens


Currently our teens/young adults in our group have really beagn to look foward to these calls. While initially there was resistance and fear for all of them, THEY HAVE FOUND A SAFE PLACE where they no longer feel alone and they are quickly becoming empowered with the understanding that it is because of what they have gone through that they do the things they do, they are not their behaviors and when make a mistake I can forgive myself and try again.


Mom there were other kids that do the same things I have! I thought it was just me!”
-Anonymous (Teen)


I do know your teen may initially be resistent to attending. I will personally call them to try and influence their attendence. Thus far, once past members sat in just to listen, every one of them talked on their first call, attended all calls that followed (if their schedule didn't get in the way) and stated they were excited about the next call.

  • For ages 14-22
  • Starts January 22, 2013
  • Calls are every 4th Tuesday of the month at 8pm EST
  • Each call will include topic with instruction.
  • Teens will review on topic each month and recieve coodinating handouts.
  • There will also be a homework assignment each month.
  • Calls will NOT be recorded

***Teens are only eligible when Parent is in the parent support group***

= $6.00 per month***

We ask that you plan for a minimum of 1 year


Parent with Teen Calls are $15.99 per month


To register, download the form below and fax to 757-427-0995 today. Remember** Spaces are limited so parents please be sure you can make this commitment. I do understand you Kiddo will have difficulty being consistent.


If you are interested in joining this group, please download the payment form, fill out and send back.

Payment Form

If you have questions, please email










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