Commitment to Family Transformation

Helene Timpone Therapist

Achieve Success Today...

Diminish and remove the triggers that cause us to shiver with fear for our children's future.

Families need to expect that this is a process and while they do find hope and achieve successes in a short period of time, this is not a “fix it” behavioral approach. It is about healing the root of the behavior. Thus, a strong commitment to the process and the desire to do "Whatever it takes" is an absolute necessity.
I do need to clarify that while my success rate is uncharacteristically high, particularly where behaviors are severe and there is little hope, I do know it is not because I am a magical clinician, it is because my parents are extraordinary, they have tried everything else and are willing to do something different.
Parent(s), if I have described you and you are willing to:

    • Challenge your socially imposed core belief systems and be open to a new understanding...
    • Let go of corporal punishments and the belief that a child needs to fear their parent...
    • Want to create a deep loving connection with your child...
    • Diminish and remove the triggers that cause us to shiver with fear for our child's future and become reactive to our child’s behavior...
    • And create limitless possibilities for yourself, your child and your family...

Then know my commitment to you will match the commitment you are ready to make.


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