Love is Greater Than Aggression

Moving from Aggression into Healing

This one and a half hour Webinar explores:

  • What brain science has revealed about this behavior.
  • Interventions that will create further aggression and impede on the brain's ability to achieve a calm state.
  • Interventions that will reduce and eliminate this behavior.
  • When and if restraint practice is appropriate.
  • Ages and hormones that place a child at higher risk for aggressive behaviors and what you can do about it.
  • Identifying and implementing preventative measures before the child escalates
  • Real life examples of children who were thought to be beyond hope were able to heal.

Finally, we reveal the official position from Post Institute and Associates on working with aggressive behaviors.

"Thank You Helene,
The Aggression Webinar was very good! It helped to hear from Gail and Dave and you to know that what we are going through is normal when we use the old method of child rearing. And you are right that it is VERY HARD to switch to the Post method. It helps to hear it presented over and over again because each time I get it a little more and to have everyone present it from their perspective helps me see and understand it better. Your way really helped."
-T.H (Adoptive Mom)

"I just feel privileged as a Life Coach to have associated myself with you and the teaching and coaching you have to offer.
Thank you for all you do and thank you for just being you committed to helping ease the relationship between parent and child and adult and inner child.
I find myself on a weekly basis sharing something I experienced or learned at the workshop I attended with you Helene."
-L.A. (Coach)


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