In Home Intensive

What is an In Home Intensive?

This program is a substantial commitment on your behalf to move your family towards true and authentic healing. I do understand that many of you are coming to me after 5-7 years of other healing methodologies. Most families are often drained, angry or depressed and feeling hopeless. I can tell you that there is hope!

In working with families over the last decade, the feedback I received in reference to their needs and success has helped determine and shape this program. You can participate in one in home; however, it has been my clients’ as well as my experience that it takes approximately a year to achieve healing the root cause of the behavior, which translates into an 80% plus reduction in behavior. The families initial search for hope consistently shifts into an empowered confidence and creates joy, play and love in their homes

This is a 2 day highly intensive retreat in your home. During this time, I am present through the duration and participating in all daily activities.  This process is life changing for families. During this time, parents experience the healing benefits of Multi-sensory Experiential Therapy and Somatic Expression, which integrates traumas that create fear-based reactive states that impede their ability to interact with their children from an open and emotionally supportive place. Upon parental understanding of the healing process, children are then brought into the process. In addition, interventions are modeled and taught to parents, family dynamics of underlying barriers are processed and the family will receive an action plan for their continued growth and healing.

This program includes anywhere from 2-5 in-home intensives (depending on the family), telephone coaching, emergency support and ongoing education. Please note that telephone coaching includes working and/or advocating with your child’s school or other applicable programs and professionals where appropriate.

 Intensive Family Program Benefits:

  1. Telephone Access to me in times of crisis. You do not have to schedule an appointment.
  2. Attend any of my live trainings and webinars for free during that year of service.
  3. When services take place in your home over a 2 day period, it allows for a more accurate assessment of family dynamics and the stimulations that trigger the child’s behaviors (even if they behave better when others are around I can still see where the behavior will take place).
  4. Modeling and coaching of interventions.
  5. Maximize your understanding of child’s behaviors and obtain new and revised tools for working with your child’s behaviors.
  6. Gain insight to your child’s challenges, cues and signals.
  7. Parents you will not only heal your entire family but you will find emotional freedom and flexibility.




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