I Matter – Therefore I Am

There is no greater gift to a child than the feeling and experience of “ I Matter.” The love given, time spent, meeting of their needs, or when a parent/guardian provides that special moment loving kindness/tenderness, a child learns that they are worthy of love. It is through our eyes, our expressions and our interactions with our children that teach them who they are in this world.
Random Acts of Loving kindness/tenderness:

  • Leave a sweet note in their lunch box, school bag or bathroom mirror.
  • Pick them up early from school just because you missed them.
  • Drop off or bring home a small treat you know they enjoy.
  • Stop a task like work, dinner or a chore and say you know what, “I would just rather spend some time with you.”
  • Show an interest in what they enjoy doing and ask them to share it with you.
  • Take the day off work and keep them home from school and go on an adventure.
  • Be silly with them, dance, wrestle and play.

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