Fall In Love With Your Child All Over Again

Fall in Love with them all over again!

Remember that incredible moment when you first met or held your child and you fell so deeply in love with their precious little soul? Can you feel it just thinking about that very moment? Next time your child is telling you something, listen intently and allow yourself to experience that falling in love experience again. Make sure to let that feeling fill every cell in your body, then radiate from your head to your toes and finally allowing it to shine through your eyes! Watch them melt!
Or want to really make an impact? The next time they are defiant, angry, yelling, throwing things, etc. then really let it shine! There is no way their fear based anger can exist in the presence of  LOVE!   Let them experience there true and beautiful self through your eyes!

This is part of my "weekly tips for parents" series.  Each week you are given one insight to carry with you and implement throughout the week.  I recommend you use sticky notes or whatever means you choose to remind yourself of the parenting skill you're putting in to practice this week.  I'd love for you to share your experience throughout the week on my Facebook page so that other parents may benefit from your experience. 

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