We, just as the generation before us, have conditioned our children to know the difference between good or bad and right or wrong. These concepts are reinforced many times a day in our homes and within the community. We learn, “If I behave correctly and you are happy or proud of me, then I am good. When I displease you and I am scolded, corrected or punished, I am bad.” In truth, what we learn is how to please other people and that who we are is determined by how others see us.

Notice this for yourself first: Do you seek others approval? Fear upsetting others? When you have accomplished something, are you able to internalize it or do you just say, “That was great!” and move on? When you are having an off day, isn’t it true you are doing the best you can in that very moment?  The truth is, people always desire to act within their highest good. We always want to do the (quote on quote) “right thing”.

I repeat the mantra, “80% of what children learn is through modeling”. Trust you have taught your child more than you realize. Even in those moments when we “mess it up”, apologize and seek to do something different. You are teaching your child how to change a behavior within themselves that they don’t like. Finding our authentic power and teaching our children to find theirs….means creating imprints in a way that honors ourselves. Remember, we always desire to do the “right thing” and we all desire to experience, have and find joy!

Negative imprints are created when someone said or did something and you had an emotional response. It took up space in your mind. Years later, that voice remains: "You could do better! What’s wrong with you?" Instead of feeding it more energy by paying attention to it or attaching to it, create a new imprint! Next time something feels good or you have even the smallest success, which can be many times in a day...1) SLOW DOWN…for a moment 2) Breathe it in as a pure and beautiful white light 3) See it filling every cell in your body 4) Smile and thank the greater power that resonates with you! That feeling is JOY and you deserve more of it!

Remember!!! When we create the imprint to LOVE ourselves, we are then able to give that LOVE to others with Grace and Ease!



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