Be Where They Are

Something triggers the fear response in your child’s amygdala. Suddenly, your child is no longer acting their chronological age and is acting much younger. Take a deep breath and meet them there. What do they need? A bottle, for you to sit on the floor and play, help getting dressed, to sit on your lap?
Whatever it is, can you meet them there without judgment and fear?  If so, this will be an authentic moment in time where your love for your child will shine through and they will learn I am perfect just as I am.

In the paradox of life, once they can experience themselves in this way, they will then seek to
continue moving forward in their future growth and development.


This is part of my “weekly tips for parents” series.  Each week you are given one insight to carry with you and implement throughout the week.  I recommend you use sticky notes or whatever means you choose to remind yourself of the parenting skill you’re putting in to practice this week.  I’d love for you to share your experience throughout the week on my Facebook page so that other parents may benefit from your experience. 

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