Parenting Addictive Behaviors

Parenting Addictive Behaviors - 1.5 Hour Webinar

S-e-x, D-r-u-g-s, Video Gaming, Self-Mutilation, Stealing, Food Issues and other obsessive compulsive behaviors, are behaviors that begin as a means to sooth ourselves. Once our brains receive a payoff we seek repetition, soon it can become an obsession. As our brains imprint this process an addiction is born.In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the cycle of addiction becomes imprinted in the brain.
  • The best means and methods to overcome the addictive cycle.
  • Explore the power of how a strong spiritual/religious connection can move you in overcoming the fear and darkness that keeps the addictive cycle alive.
  • How to work with addictive behaviors in ways that will reduce the compulsion for repetitive behaviors.
  • Obtain the understanding that while we cannot eliminate an addictive behavior we can wire our brains around the addiction imprint.
  • Get methods and strategies to begin reducing the agony and suffering inherent within the addictive cycle.
  • Learn how to give your child the gift of transcending these habitual behaviors!

And ONE more mind blowing understanding that will change the life of you the parent- I will give you the tools, 5 steps to transcend the imprint of and fear and I will show you that feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness is a habit created by untruths!!!

Give you and your child the greatest gift of all, the gift of understanding.  Take advantage of the low price of this webinar by purchasing it today.  You will be able to access this video as many times as you would like. If fact we recommend it.

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