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Helene Timpone emphatically believes, it is her job to walk beside each of her families that struggle with severe and pervasive behaviors from their tween or teen, until they redeem hope, return to love and have obtained peace and joy within their home.

Helene Timpone Therapist

My Personal Commitment to you!

Have you been struggling to raise a child with severe behavioral problems and deep emotional issues?

As an adoptive parent, I’ve been through such struggles and understand what it’s like. And as a therapist with years of experience and success behind me, my goal is to bring healing and hope to your entire family. I have seen severe behaviors diminish and even disappear when children and their families find internal healing. I truly understand what it takes to guide, support, and teach effective skills to parents or caregivers. I walk alongside each of my families who struggle with severe behaviors from their tweens or teens until they find hope, return to love, and discover peace and joy within their home.

Here is my commitment to you, some of the reasons why 96% of my families have found healing and hope after up to seven years of more traditional therapies:

  • Your feelings and your children's feelings, no matter how big or small, will always be supported and understood.
  • You will have direct access to me during a crisis and will not have to make an appointment ahead of time. I support my families through times of crisis, fear, and feelings of hopelessness.
  • I will be both your coach and your mentor, and I will motivate you when it feels too hard to go on. I have not had to refer a family for a higher level of service to date.
  • I practice what I preach. I will not ask anything of you that I have not already done. When you are dealing with aggressive behaviors in your child, I will not only explain how to intervene; I will model it for you.


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